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Choice Club

Welcome to Choice Club

With Choice Club, once you join, you will save 10% on every order there after, and we have made joining easy! On every page where you shop there will be a Join Our Club button that you just add to your cart. Once you do that, that's it. Your custom Choice Cup code will be your first name and first initial of your last name. Every time you shop after that you just enter your code in the coupon code at checkout and you will receive your 10% off! How simple is that?

Also with your custom Choice Club you will be entered in special choice club prize giveaways!

You will enjoy free samples of single cups!

Best of all, it's all fast and free

Choice Club


We made this club easy to join and fast and easy to use.

1. Shop for your custom coffee, tea or hot chocolate single cups.

2. Click on any one of the join the Choice Club buttons throughout the site to add it to your cart. 

3.You will get a welcome e-mail and something with your order to welcome you to the club. It's that easy! Nothing to fill out!

4. Next time you shop, enter your code at checkout, which will be your first name and last name initial, and save 10% on every order.

Thank you and click the add to cart button below or any other one throughout the site and Welcome to the Club!

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